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I give you my heart was developed along 2020/2021 during alternate lock-downs in Berlin, situation which led to the urge to find alternative ways to connect and exchange with other artists, relate with spaces and contexts differently and set the mind to change and adapt to new possible futures. 

Based and inspired by ‘The intruder’ from Jean-Luc Nancy, it deals with love as a process of dialog and exchange with others. It touches and rubs the complexity of an encounter having sound as its main subject of exploration. Hearing an invisible, it introduces listening practices as possible tools to visualize, go closer to, touch another (non)human body. It invites a reconfiguration of the body’s sensory cartography to review notions of empathy and care. 

What is shown in this website is the result of what I experienced and created through the interaction with Ferner von Rosa, Vladimir Dziomba, Dornika, Alessio, Mikel R. Nieto and Otacílio Melgaço. I mostly worked with them through the distance having a screen as a surface of contact, holing an image or only sound. They all affected my practice allowing the reinvention of my body of work, changing the paradigms in which I understand physicality, space and time . As a first step into sound studies, I have explored its affordances (the imagery and plastic possibilities) by translating what I perceived from different sound compositions into movement in space, videos and text.  

I thank Ferner von Rosa for helping me clear my mind and see in the heart, a powerful tool to embrace. Vladimir Dziomba introduced me to the Alexander technique but mostly gave me (and still does) the possibility to stay present and reflective in every direction I induce in my body starting with my thoughts. Seeing the idea, seeing the pattern, tracking it in an apparent stillness. Listening to the forgotten corners of the conscious and unconscious mind, learning another language, hearing an anatomical symphony. A quiet dance. A moving mind. An intuitive intention. Standing without standing, being.

Dornika and Alessio helped me release silenced voices, leaving evidence of my body as an archive. Embodying a voice or several, I discovered I can develop another body within, one that creates audible sounds, that sings and has something to say. 

And a deep thanks to the artist who opened his work to me, letting me experience the extensive possibilities of sound and its encounter with human bodies. The music from Otacílio Melgaço made silence visible, realizing I was actually living with my ears shut. How to see, if sound has no surface to touch?  


​Far from being concluded, I thank Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V. for providing the possibility of extending my body to listen more attentively, to connect wider and prolong the thought in the encounter with others.

For more information about the author visit the official website:

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